The transport service is available for dogs coming to the Dog Daycare or Dog Boarding, from Monday to Friday. We also offer this service for a single transport, to bring the dog to the veterinarian for example.

We have two shuttle vehicles which are equipped with cages suitable for the transport of dogs. The cages have several sizes adapted according to the morphology of the dog, from Chihuaha to Saint-Bernard.

We will pick up the first dog at 7:00 a.m. from the owner’s home. He can wait for us in front of his home with his dog or leave us the keys beforehand (discharge at the time of signing the contract) so that we can take the dog directly at the home.

For the comfort of our beloved friends during their transport, we provide them with water bowls, air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, water foggers (in case of hot weather in summer) in order to be able to spray the dog and refresh it, taking advantage of a stop to drop a dog for example. We take the dog to the toilet before transportation.

The shuttle drivers have a Google Map application, which they can use at the request of customers, so that they can locate their dog and know at what time their dog will arrive at home. If they wish, they can go out at the right time to welcome their companion outside their home.