Where Every Tail Wags with Joy

A Haven for Playful Pups and Happy Hearts

Welcome to Dogs Paradise Daycare, where your furry friend’s excitement is met with tail-wagging adventures beyond what they experience at home. Our devoted caregivers ensure that your dog frolics and plays with their buddies, receiving an abundance of love and attention. We believe in the power of play for socialization and keeping your canine companion active throughout the day, promoting heart health, weight management, and overall well-being while strengthening their bond with you. Say goodbye to destructive behaviors like chewing, barking, or digging caused by boredom or lack of exercise.

At Dogs Paradise, we provide the exercise and stimulation your dog craves. Dogs are social beings, and being alone can be distressing for them. Let your furry friend revel in a day full of running, wrestling, playing ball, tug-of-war, and leisurely walks at Dogs Paradise. They’ll be exercised and well-behaved when you come to pick them up!

  • Tail-Wagging Adventures: Engage in supervised play sessions tailored for socialization

  • Personalized Care: Grouped play areas based on size and temperament for a safe environment

  • Exercise & Stimulation: Promote physical activity through various play activities

  • Safety & Happiness: Dedicated caregivers ensure a fun and secure experience for all guests.

Experience the joy of watching your pet thrive in our vibrant daycare setting at Dogs Paradise. With engaging activities, personalized care, and a focus on well-being, our daycare services offer a haven for playful pups and happy hearts. Enrich your dog’s life with us – where every tail wags with joy!

Our top priority is always the safety and happiness of our guests.


At Dogs Paradise, we offer 300 square meters of personalized space meticulously designed for an exciting dog play area. Dogs are grouped by size and temperament into our ‘small’ or ‘big’ dog zones, where our caregivers are always on hand to join in the fun.

Join us at Dogs Paradise, where every day is a tail-wagging adventure!

Daycare Services

Trial Day

  • Assess your pet’s play style
  • Integrate your pet into our pack
  • Ensure your pet feels at home
  • Required for participation in Daycare or Boarding

Half Day

  • Quick 4-hour indoor play session
  • Supervised play for socialization
  • Perfect for a short playtime
  • Ensures a fun and safe experience

Full Day

  • 8+ hours of supervised play
  • Indoor play areas with equipment
  • Keep your pet engaged and active
  • Designed for a full day of fun

10 Day Pack

  • Convenient pack for regular visits
  • Save with a bulk purchase
  • Flexible use within 3 months
  • Ideal for frequent daycare needs



  • 2 Day / Week
  • 5% off all boarding, shuttle and baths
  • Add-On Days, CHF 66.-
  • Priority booking for Daycare & Boarding


  • 3 Day / Week
  • 8% off all boarding, shuttle and baths
  • Add-On Days, CHF 64.-
  • Priority booking for Daycare & Boarding


  • 4 Day / Week
  • 10% off all boarding, shuttle and baths
  • Add-On Days, CHF 60.-
  • Priority booking for Daycare & Boarding