Chris Spadola

Chris Spadola is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in IT and pet services. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised between America, Italy, and Geneva, Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in various roles in the IT sector. He has created and re-modeled Global Support Structures for multinationals, and has led outsourcing agreements with global service providers.

In 1998, Chris completed a rigorous training program at the National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio, where he achieved endorsements in Basic and Advanced Obedience, Breed Identification, Dog Behavior, Puppy Development, Utility, Retrieval, Scent Discrimination, Tracking, Personal Protection, and Basic Police K-9.

In 2015, Chris founded Dogs Paradise Sàrl, a comprehensive pet services company based in Gland, Switzerland. As the owner and manager, Chris assists clients and their dogs in private homes and at his school, developing education programs based on positive reinforcement principles. He supervises the behavior of dogs in daycare and boarding facilities, ensuring their well-being in optimal conditions. His responsibilities include cleaning kennels and play areas, grooming, feeding, exercising, and administering medications.

Chris has a deep understanding of dog behavior and has worked with dogs exhibiting a range of behavioral issues, including fear, aggression, separation anxiety, and family integration. He has also worked as a dog behavior coach, providing guidance to new dog owners on the proper development of their puppies’ behavior.

Before founding Dogs Paradise Sàrl, Chris co-founded Pet World, a business that offered premium pet supplies, services, and expertise for pets in Panama. He was responsible for supervising three dog trainers and eight animal keepers for a boarding facility with a capacity of 70 dogs, as well as managing daily operations. He also assisted Pet World’s veterinarians with dog behavior evaluations and provided advice to prevent or correct behavior problems.

A significant part of Chris’s life and work revolves around Tyson, a dog he adopted from the SPA Geneva nine years ago when Tyson was just one year old. Since then, Tyson has never left Chris’s side and is considered the mascot of Dogs Paradise. Tyson’s presence has not only enriched Chris’s personal life but also adds a unique, personal touch to his professional endeavors in the pet services industry.

Chris’s mission is to expand Dogs Paradise Sàrl nationwide. His extensive experience in both the IT and pet services sectors, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, positions him well to achieve this goal.